Kaite Jones

Klaus Paris

Presenters will demonstrate their process in scientific glassblowing.

We invite you or someone you know to share a demonstration. Please fill out the proposal application and share your expertise in glass

Thursday, June 29th
8:00am - Noon
Location: General Howard Room

This years presenters are:

Build a protractor on your lathe spindle for accurate rotation angles while working
Presenter: Erich Moraine

Erich Moraine is a 1979 graduate of Salem Community College. He has worked both as a production and research glassblwer at a series of glass positions including WA Sales, Aldrich Chemical, University of Nebraska, R.J. Brunfeld, and now self-employed as Wild Rose Glass where he provides scientific glassware design, cunsulti, fabrication and repair services. Erich has been active in the ASGS since 1980 having recently stepped down as chair of teh Midwest Section. He remains active in the scientific glass community offering workshops, seminars and demonstrations at regional section meetings as well as national symposia. He is the father of tree amazing adult daughters and has a small shop next to his country farmhouse in southeastern Wisconsin.

Salon Cup Scrub
Presenter: Kyle Meyer

Kyle will fabricate a salon cup scrub in a production style. This demonstration will cover several techniques, flange forming with a graphite tool, use of Hideaki glass tube cutter, a hot plate, holders and glass punties.

Kyle is a scientific and artistic glassblower from Wisconsin. He started his career in Scientific Glassblowing in 2001 after attending school at SCC under the instruction of Daryl Smith. He then went on to work for Sigma Aldrich where he trained under Bill Wasemiller. After 13 years at Sigma, he worked at the University of Georgia as Glass Shop Manager for four years. Currently, he is continuing his career at Procter and Gamble in Ohio as a Glassblowing Research Specialist since 2020.

Kathryn Jones started blowing glass in 1997 at Salem Community College. Soon after, she began working at Greatglas, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware. In 1999, she took a hiatus to raise her children and returned to glass in 2007. For the next six years, Kathryn served the ASGS at the regional level by holding various officer positions within the Delaware Valley section. In 2012, she returned to Salem Community College to finish her degree. Upon graduation, she accepted a position at General Electric as a Scientific Glass Technician and she and her children relocated to Niskayuna, NY. Kathryn was honored to serve on the ASGS Board of Directors from 2015-2021, where she held the positions of Secretary, President-Elect and then President.

Klaus Paris
started blowing glass in Germany in 1982 and holds degrees as a Master Craftsman in Scientific Glassblowing and State Certified Engineering Glass Technologist. Klaus has worked in production, in his family’s scientific glass business, in research institutions like Max Planck Institute and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and is currently the Instructional Chair of the Scientific Glass Program at Salem Community College in New Jersey, USA. Klaus has been engaged in his volunteer positions at the German and American scientific glassblowing societies for over 2 decades. Klaus received the Helmut E. Drechsel Achievement Award in 2019. Currently he serves as the International Liaison officer of the ASGS and as a member of the advisory council at the VDG.