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Elayne Ashley

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Bob Singer

The American Scientific Glassblowers Workshops are very interactive with a lot of individual attention. Each student will have a chance to work with bench torches, hand torches and glassblowing lathes. Our instructors are highly qualified and have worked in the scientific glassblowing field. These are small classes so there is lots of one on one interaction between students and instructors. Workshops are one to two days. Workshops include lunch.

We invite you or someone you know to share a worshop. Please fill out the proposal application and share your expertise in glass

Elayne Ashley is a Scientific Glassblower living and working in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States. Elayne studied Scientific Glass Technology at Salem College as well as Fine Art Glassblowing and Ceramics at Jacksonville University. She worked for Precision Electronic Glass and various other production glassblowing and quartz companies before joining the Chemistry Department at Georgia Institute of Technology as the Scientific Glassblower. She is currently the Scientific Glassblower and Quartz Materials Specialist for Helion Energy, a company working to produce a Fusion energy machine.

Elayne has attended many international conferences including the Glass Art Society, the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers, and the VDG (German/Swiss Society of Scientific Glassblowers), in her passion to connect with Glassblowers on a global scale. Elayne is the current Pacific Northwest section Director for the American Scientific Glassblowers Society and has volunteered much of her time as a demonstrator, organizer and member of the ASGS.

Bob Singer started his Glassblowing career in 1972 at Quartz Scientific in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Attended and graduated from Salem Community College in 1978 and has extensive quartz experience. Bob was employed at Quartz Scientific, Quality Quartz and Behm Quartz, both of Mentor, Ohio, Until 1990 when he co-founded Technical Glass Products, in Painesville Ohio. Bob has been Vice President of Technical Glass Products, in Mentor, Ohio for ten years and now heads the company’s Baton Rouge, Louisiana division. In addition, he has taken artistic glassblowing courses at Kent State University and Cleveland State University. Bob’s activities for the ASGS include Chair of the Outreach Committee, as well as the National Symposium chair from 2017 – 2020, Director of the Pittsburgh Tri-State Section, Director of the Southwest Section, ASGS President-Elect in 2006 and ASGS National President in 2007. Bob was the Technical Papers Chair for the 39th ASGS Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA and Co-Chair for the 55th Annual Symposium in San Antonio, Texas and co-chair at the 62nd Annual Symposium in Austin, Texas and is currently the Seminar/Workshop chair for the 66rh symposium in Vancouver Washington.


Allan B. Brown Glassblowing Workshop


Kevin Teaford

Kyle Meyer

Allan B. Brown Workshop 8:00am - 5:00pm Location TBA

Allan B. Brown workshop is a two day hands-on instructiion of advanced scientific glassblowing techniques. Each day can be viewed as separate workshops, so you can elect to participate in Workshop 1, Workshop 2 or both. Each person will have their own torch and work station and be instructed on a specific project that is deemed worthwhile fo scientific glassblowers with at least five years experience.

Priority is given to regular members for the first 45 days following the date registration opens. An application process will follow for other ASGS members, please fill out application form if interested.

When taking the Allan B. Brown workshops, you will have hands-on instruction of advanced scientific glassblowing techniques. The seminars offered are two separate days of instruction, each day will include 4 hours on the lathe and 4 hours on the bench. Since they are separate, you have the option to sign up for day one, day two or both.

Note from Kevin: Regarding registration for the Seminars, priority is given to Regular members and as such will be available only to Regular members for the first 45 days following the date registration opens. If there are still openings available after that time, I will be using a registration by application process for any interested non-Regular members similar to the model currently being used by the Junior Member Workshop. (For the Allan B. Brown Regular Member Glassblowing Seminars, in lieu of the application process, Junior members will be referred by Chris Bock annually until they formally become Regular members.) I will sort through the applications and select the additional attendees using the application information given to determine if the candidates meet the guidelines for attending the Allan B. Brown Glassblowing Seminars. Applications of Non-Regular members will be accepted once registration is opened. If the Seminars are full, they will be open to members for observation only.

Kevin Teaford

Kevin Teaford

Kevin started his glassblowing career in 1992 at the Westinghouse-Hanford Company. After 3.5 years in Research and Development, Kevin accepted a position with Farlow's Scientific Glassblowing in northern California. At Farlow's he learned of many new types of glassware found in the medical and scientific production industry. In 1999, he secured a position at Precision Glassblowing of Colorado. While at Precision, he was introduced to aspects of production-style glassblowing, which included fabrication of large diameter Borosilicate apparatus and of larger Quartz fabrication. Kevin then moved to Utah and has worked at the University of Utah since 2002. In the past, he has been the National Membership Chair and is currently the Chair of the Allan B Brown Regular Member Workshops, since 2012.

Kyle Meyer

Kyle Meyer

Kyle is a scientific and artistic glassblower from Wisconsin. He started his career in Scientific Glassblowing in 2001 after attending school at SCC under the instruction of Daryl Smith. He then went on to work for Sigma Aldrich where he trained under Bill Wasemiller. After 13 years at Sigma, he worked at the University of Georgia as Glass Shop Manager for four years. Currently, he is continuing his career at Procter and Gamble in Ohio as a Glassblowing Research Specialist since 2020.


Joseph S. Gregar Junior Member Workshop

Chair: Chris Block

Joseph S. Gregar Junior Member Workshop 8:00am - 5:00pm Location TBA

The Joseph S. Gregar Junior Member Workshop provides hands-on instruction to twelve Junior / Students Members. This year, 9 at-large seats will be selected via an application process and the 3 remaining seats are reserved for Award recipients. The application deadline is March 15, 2023. All workshop attendees must register for the ASGS Symposium. This two day workshop is available at not cost to Junior and Student registrants. We will have our 4-station quartz and 8 station borosilicate set up for bench work allowing each participant to have their own torch and work station. We will also have a glass lathe available for some of the project.

This fluid two day workshop will cover the following topics and usually more. Some of the topics that will be covered this year are wrapping coils, coil condensers, bubbler (cold trap), quartz boxes, a demo of quartz cutting, side and straight seals. Bring your questions to this informative and fun workshop.

Chris Bock is currently working at URG in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Christopher's glass career started at a company call Franklin Inc. where he was a maintenance mechanic working on vials. He started his glassblowing career at ChemGlass Life Sciences in the mid 1990's. Since then he has worked for Pfieffer Glass, NDS Technologies, AMR Glass and even started his own company. SeaCubeCo LLC. He has been an active officer for the Delaware Valley Section holing many positions until his relocation to North Carolina.

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