Artistic Auction Chair

Doni Hatz

Thursday, June 29th
Time: TBA
Location: Greneral Howard Room

Our artistic auction gives American Scientific Glassblowers Symposium participants a chance to give back to the community and bring people together. The proceeds from the auction are donated to a local charity.

Our Charity this year is the Clark County Food Bank. Their mission is to alleviate hunger and its root causes. Achieving their mission is done in two parts: providing emergency food relief to individuals and families, as well as implementing a preventative stance against the various causes of hunger. Their vision is to inspire and grow a network of community health. Through their efforts, they hope to be a positive influence and provider for healthy lifestyles, professional growth, and opportunities to serve the community. For more information

Doni Hatz has been captured by glass since she was 19 years old. She holds a degree in Scientific Glass Technology and continues to learn and challenge her skills by attending ASGS events. Doni intersects with the Glass Art Society, International Society of Glass Bead Makers and Corning Museum of Glass to learn and share her passion for glass. She has been active in the ASGS holding many positions most notably as President 2000-2001. While she makes reactors during the day for Procter & Gamble she creates floral and Venetian inspired glassware in her own time.

The Great Glass Pop Pop Boat Regatta

Wednesday, June 28th
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Chinook & Klickitat Room

The poster from Lee Mulholland, “Making a Glass Pop Pop Boat” at the 2022 ASGS Symposium in Sarasota was inspirational! A few excited conversations later and it was decided that the Symposium in Vancouver, WA will host the first Great Glass Pop Pop Boat Regatta

There will be races, judging, cheering, groans and of course Prizes! Everyone I welcome to enter
In general, the entries will be mostly glass and powered by a pop pop engine.
Plan to join the fleet with a boat of your design. (Hint: Wikipedia and YouTube are good starting places

Design Criteria for the Great Pop Pop Boat Regatta
Maximum dimensions are 4 inches wide by 12 inches long
Majority of the construction is glass
Runs on the Pop Pop Principle utilizing a glass Pop Pop motor
Runs on tealight candle or smaller wax/wick energy input system

Prize Categories
Fastest in time trial
Crowd favorite/people’s choice
Coolest looking
Best name
Possibly “First to the bottom”

Need a hint to get started?

The Flame: The Art and History of Lampworking
an InMurano production

Presenter: Eric Goldschmidt
Moderator: Sally Prasch

Friday, June 30th
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Chinook & Klickitat Room
Eric will answer question via zoom after the movie

The Flame follows Eric Goldschmidt, Flameworking Supervisor for The Corning Museum of Glass, as he learns about the origins of his craft and starts a beautiful journey that takes him to Murano, Italy. In Murano, he engages with Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Verilda De Polo, Lucio Bubacco, Cesare Toffolo, Vittorio Costantini, and Bruno Amadi, among others, to discover more about the history of lampworking. The Flame travels across lampworking history through the works, words, and memories of these notable artists and scholars.

Since 1996, Eric Goldschmidt has devoted himself to practicing and developing the techniques of hot glass manipulation with a focus on flameworking, while studying and assisting with many of the world’s most talented glass artists. Although he has been working with glass since 1996, Goldschmidt actually started working with molten materials in 1993 as a candlemaker. After witnessing flameworking, however, he became intrigued by the process which led him to take classes from master flameworkers at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass. Soon, he was hooked and began working at The Studio in the Make Your Own Glass Workshop and as the resident flameworker. Now, as the properties of glass programs supervisor at the Museum, he gives live demonstrations in flameworking, glass breaking, and optical fiber, in addition to teaching, lecturing, and exhibiting his work around the world.